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Docker unresponsive. Containers fail on network I/O


  • Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC
  • Docker Desktop
  • Three containers running with significant network I/O (nothing extreme)


  • Suddenly some containers start failing on network access.
  • Docker becomes completely unresponsive, e.g. Docker restart from system tray is impossible (or extremely slow)

Some remarkable lines in the log are:

  • Potential issue 1:

    [05:37:12.992][VpnKit ][Warning] vpnkit.exe: ARP table has no entry for
    [05:37:12.992][VpnKit ][Info ] vpnkit.exe: IP.output: could not determine link-layer address for local network ( ip
    [05:37:12.993][VpnKit ][Warning] vpnkit.exe: Could not find on the local network
    [05:37:12.993][VpnKit ][Warning] vpnkit.exe: Error sending TCP packet via IP: no route to destination: no response for IP on local network

  • Potential issue 2

    GoBackendProcess ][Warning] unable to inject event On:File Action:Removed Path:“C:” Path:“MyGateway” Path:“deployments” Path:“gw_opcua_cloud” Path:“brokerData” Path:“data” Path:“” InjectFilesystemEvent:true InvalidateCache:true for 10.0009904s

After reboot, this issue returns in a random (but limited) number of hours, at least daily.

For your information, I wanted to include the start of the docker log, till I have the impression that it is fully started. Unfortunately that exceeds the max size of this post. Let me know if you need more.

Version: (45519)
Channel: stable
Sha1: 0356a6f23f086a8134d83ee38d99ffe55a121f02
Started on: 2020/07/09 05:29:00.029
Resources: C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
Edition: Enterprise
Id: 1809
Build: 17763
BuildLabName: 17763.1.amd64fre.rs5_release.180914-1434
File: C:\Users\Datalogger\AppData\Local\Docker\log.txt
CommandLine: "C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Docker Desktop.exe"
You can send feedback, including this log file, at
[05:29:01.703][GUI               ][Info   ] Starting...
[05:29:03.895][ComponentVersions ][Info   ] Edition community
[05:29:04.443][ComponentVersions ][Info   ] Edition community
[05:29:47.501][AppMigrator       ][Info   ] Current version: 6. Latest version: 6
[05:29:54.139][TrackingSettings  ][Info   ] Crash report and usage statistics are enabled
[05:29:54.139][SegmentApi        ][Info   ] Usage statistic: Identify
[05:29:58.698][SegmentApi        ][Info   ] Usage statistic: appLaunched
[05:30:01.799][ApplicationTemplatesTracking][Info   ] Cannot list templates
[05:30:01.799][SegmentApi        ][Info   ] Usage statistic: eventTemplatesInfo
[05:30:01.815][SegmentApi        ][Info   ] Usage statistic: heartbeat