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Docker WEB hosting DNS maybe?

Hello everyone,

My exercise is to make a web hosting with docker using Dockerfile and docker-compose.

I’m on Vmware Workstation, with the debian buster distribution.

I currently have a docker-composer which has two services: mariadb and a custom build redirected to Dockerfile, which uses the official php:7.4-apache image.

I configured my apache2 with a vhost and to make the vhost work, a dns is required so I use the bind9 daemon.

I have to make my containers be “server” and my vm be client. On the client side I have configured my /etc/resolv.conf.

On the server side, my dns zone /var/cache/bind/heberg.projet.db

and also my /etc/bind/named.conf in the container.

On the apache2 side I have configured my VHOST /etc/apache2/working-sites/neridaar.heberg.projet.conf .

Unfortunately, my local site “neridaar.heberg.projet” doesn’t work …

Thank you for helping me.