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Docker Web interface reports bad username/password but not true


(Michael) #1


If any one has some helpful input that would be great.

https://IP Address/

Running Zenoss core 5 on RHEL 7

I get the Docker Control center offering powered by zenoss

I keep seeing refrence to ~/.dockercfg being created. However No such file has been created that I can see.

I enter my user name and password that has been double, triple and quadrupled check. (Wheel Group) in the Docker Web logon and monitoring the servers shows me the following while docker tells me username/password invalid.

Snapshot from serviced showing result when I try to login via Docker web interface:

Nov 03 03:29:26 serviced[16338]: W1103 11:29:26.033965 16338 daemon.go:521] masterClient.GetHost 7e0a1cbf failed: …added?)
Nov 03 03:29:30 serviced[16338]: ERROR /go/src/] pam_authenticat…failure
Nov 03 03:29:30 serviced[16338]: I1103 11:29:30.947468 16338 session.go:200] Attempting to validate user zenadmin …ter api
Nov 03 03:29:30 serviced[16338]: E1103 11:29:30.948471 16338 session.go:211] Unable to validate credentials No suc…nadmin}

I enter the same user/pass information as when I ssh to the server.

[zenadmin@zenoss-core5-01 root]$ docker version
Client version: 1.5.0
Client API version: 1.17
Go version (client): go1.4.1
Git commit (client): a8a31ef
OS/Arch (client): linux/amd64
Server version: 1.5.0
Server API version: 1.17
Go version (server): go1.4.1
Git commit (server): a8a31ef