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Docker with IBM WAS

(Prakashmahali) #1

I need one help on Docker with IBM WAS profile. I have started docker container with IBM WAS and login to container and created one dmgr profile with below command"./ -create -profileName Dmgr -profilePath /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles -templatePath /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profileTemplates/management" and able to start dmgr but when i stop the container and start container and try to start dmgr , i got the error .it is not starting also .
[9/15/17 2:01:55:295 UTC] 00000001 LogAdapter E DCSV9403E: Received an illegal configuration argument. Parameter MulticastInterface, value: Exception is java.lang.Exception: Network Interface was not found in local machine network interface list. Make sure that the NetworkInterface property is properly configured!

(Dz19kbiua) #2

If you prefer not to start with the image of Ducker Hap, or you want to create a Liberty Core image, we have also introduced Duckerfiles to allow you to build your own using Liberty Diodes from Passport Advantage and OpenGL from Explorerworks. IBM C9020-662 VCE On the Githepe Wadif we documented two approaches depending on whether or not you were willing to host the diodes somewhere to pull them into the image (resulting in a smaller image size). Feel free to edit this Docerville to meet your requirements, for example if you prefer to choose a different operating system image base to start from.