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Docker123321 errors from dockerd

(Lbryant) #1

I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I have googled for this; and not found much. Wanted to ask a quick question. I see many no such image requests for images by the name of docker123321/**** in my syslogs across all of my machines. I did some googling and found that these were recent images that were removed from the the public repos etc. I am wanting to verify that these errors are actually a good thing and that i can safely ignore them? Is dockerd doing the request and verifying they are not installed and if so it would do something?

All of this form… they happen every roughly 4 hours like clockwork.

[Aug 06 04:08:07] hostname dockerd: time=“2018-08-06T11:08:07.470895291Z” level=error msg=“Handler for GET /v1.27/images/docker123321/kk/json returned error: No such image: docker123321/kk”



I am also seeing this in multiple hosts on my network. There’s nothing in cron or anything like that, meaning the calls to describe the images are coming from within my host itself. Cannot for the life of me track down what process is calling this.