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Share and learn in the Docker community. DNS Down? (September)

(Ziontech) #1

DNS Lookups are failing at our * endpoints. Any idea whats happening?

(Bencollier) #2

Same here. all our services are gone.

Looks like [RESOLVED] DNS Down? all over again.

(Bluehotdog) #3

Docker cloud DNS is down for us

Hope for a better response time than last time

(Jason Fry) #4

Here we go again… All our services unavailable.

(Ondronr) #5

Same here. Nothing here yet

(Ondronr) #6

It’s recovering now.

(Ziontech) #7

We were able to quickly avoid any extensive downtime by switching our DNS to point at one of the IP addresses we’re using.

It does seem to be working again now… ( :pray: Praying for uptime )

(Ondronr) #8

It is down again. Still nothing on status page. Maybe @fermayo or @borja could notice this thread.

(Fernando Mayo) #9

We’ve just updated

(Dialonce) #10

Status is “resolved” but we have periodic failures on endpoints that uses your DNS

(Jason Fry) #11

It still seems to be a bit flakey

(Michaldudek) #12

Doesn’t work for me at all… At worst possible time, having a major launch tomorrow morning :frowning:

(Dlsysadmin) #13

This started for us at 07:30 PDT, a full 24 minutes before they said that “[Identified] We have detected a high rate of DNS lookup failures on the DNS due to unexpected high load and have taken measures to mitigate the issue.” starting on September 6, 2016 7:54AM PDT.

We’ve also experienced downtime windows from 09:29 PDT through 09:33 PDT.

Why are they retroactively finding and reporting a smaller window than appears to be accurate? This does not inspire confidence.