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(dankalytovskyy) #1

Hello there, I need to stop dockercloud/cleanup container from deleting unused images I have on the server. Tried deleting that image but docker clod puts it back on the server. Send few emails to docker support but get no response.

Thanks in advance.

(Jonathanparrilla) #2

Hey Dan20063,

We are currently looking into this matter for you. We will update you when we have more information.

(Jonathanparrilla) #3

Hey Dan,

After helping you setup a stack that allowed you to distribute your images as “Stopped” services onto your desired servers, it appears the cleanup service is no longer deleting it.

Do you conceded that this fixed your issue?

(dankalytovskyy) #4

What if I don’t want to use docker cloud to distribute all of my images ?

(Jonathanparrilla) #5

Then you should not be using Docker Cloud. I will say that distributing your images and services using docker cloud is extremely helpful.