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DockerEE vs Openshift Origin

(Jonsvendsen) #1

Hey all. Trying to figure out why one should use Docker EE over OpenShift Origin. Someone here with insight that can enlighten me?

Yes… I have browsed the web reading all about features and stuff… but looking more for hands-on user-experience on the subject.

(slamp) #2

Docker (swarm) is easier to use
Openshift have a better developer experience (from dev to prod using click)

Final decision: check the price :wink:

(Jonsvendsen) #3

Thanx man!

  • Price is not a important variable in my decision process.

  • Openshift slogan seems to be that it is made for developers … but that “motto” does’nt always align with the bigger picture

  • Guess I have to install them both and have them evaluate from both developer & administrators view to get the full grip.

  • …and also, now Docker EE supports (soon anyways) kubernetes …