Dockerfile question

Hi there,
Could someone explain how pipe works in this docker file for example →

In lines 8,9, 13, 19 for example RUN command starts with |5 or |2 I don’t get it.
Any explanation will be much appreciated!

What you shared is not a Dockerfile.

The Dockerfile(s) responsible to build the image are:

and probably containers/Dockerfile.releases.full at main · adoptium/containers · GitHub

None of those Dockerfiles use pipes in the sense you refered to. There is nothing to get, this is just the build history, and those pipes and numbers are added by Buildkit. I have no idea what they mean, but it is nothing ment to be used in a Dockerfile.


Hi Metin,
Thanks for the reply. It was strange to me as well I have a case where the new inbound agent is missing curl, which I guess is normal.
Anyway thanks for your investigation!