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Dockerfile RUN gradle dist --no-daemon error

I have error in Dockerfile. The problem command is RUN gradle dist --no-daemon. The error is Task ‘dist’ not found in root project ‘fxgame’ and failed to solve with frontend dockerfile.v0: failed to build LLB: executor failed running [/bin/sh -c gradle dist --no-daemon]: runc did not terminate sucessfully. The run command is RUN gradle dist --no-daemon

link to stack overflow my question

This is my Dockerfile

FROM renovate/renovate:slim

USER root
RUN mkdir /dist
RUN chown -R ubuntu:ubuntu /dist

COPY renovate-config-gradle.js /dist/
ENV RENOVATE_CONFIG_FILE=/dist/renovate-config-gradle.js
USER ubuntu
And this is the renovate-config-gradle.js

module.exports = {
platform: ‘github’,
logFile: ‘/dist/renovate.log’,
onboarding: true,
onboardingConfig: {
extends: [‘config:base’],
autodiscover: true,
autodiscoverFilter: ‘rvillane/renovate-gradle-test’,
requireConfig: true,
automerge: false,
extends: [‘group:allNonMajor’],
enabledManagers: [‘gradle’],
gradle: {
‘enabled’: true
includeForks: true,
rangeStrategy: ‘pin’,
recreateClosed: true,
stabilityDays: 7,
labels: [

Thank you.
I am junior in containers.
Can you add explanation what going on

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