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Dockerizing Dot net 4.6.1 app

I am trying to Dockerize Dotnet framework 4.6.1 version app.

Unfortunately i am not able to pull few images needed for running Dotnet framework 4.6.1 app.

Please share me some Instructions or Guide to Dockerize it and Containerize .

Very few informations given, but the general approach would be like this:

  • Having a Image that includes the Dependencies needed to run a dotnet framework 4.6.1 app
  • Writing a dockerfile that resides withing your code repository and has instructions on where to put your application files COPY src /somehwere/in/thecontainer/

And for everything dotnet specific it’s probably the best to refer to their own samples since they’re probably better in describing all that:

Here’s the base image you probably want to use: (which includes the dotnet 4.8 runtime).

Hopefully i could help you a bit, if you’ve more questions feel free to ask.

Hi i Appreciate your time to reply,
I tried following images also by reffereing to following links and i get the Error. Attaching the Screenshot of the Error.

#FROM microsoft/windowsservercore


#COPY parts/services/build/Homer.Services- C:/
COPY E:\windows\Simulator\HSimulator\HonP.DeviceSimulator\bin\x64\Debug\ C:/

EXPOSE 20001 20002

#RUN powershell -Command \
 #C:\Homer.Services- -noia C:\Homer\@DEV01 DEV01 -nodb

RUN powershell -Command \
  C:\HSimulator.exe -noia C:\Homer\@DEV01 DEV01