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"dockersearch" api seems to not return all results

When using the dockersearch api thru curl, it seems only 23 repos are returned. I"m using the “Admin” user and can see about 80 repositories. Some users are asking “how can i see the repo list from the CLI”, so i’m using the API and piping it thru jq… but oddly i don’t see all repos. Is there a response limit?

curl --user name:password -X GET --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Accept: application/json" ""

Hi Michael,

Do you know which version of DTR you’re using? There are some bugs which we just fixed around the search functionality. I’ll have to check to make sure if they’ve been back-ported to 2.1 or if they’re in the 2.2 beta.

Patrick… i’m on current release (2.1.4).

Hi Michael,

It looks like this wasn’t back ported to 2.1, but if you’re part of the 2.2 beta you should be able to use it now. The 2.2.0 GA release is fairly imminent at this point.