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Documentation for setting up AWS and docker is horrid!

(Donald French) #1

Amazing that Docker is even around with documentation like they have.

I am new to both docker and AWS. The instructions provided are out of date. The pages specified on the docker documentation do not match. The policy that is required is too big to be added in AWS, An error occurred: Cannot exceed quota for PolicySize: 5120!!!

Is there anything up to date that actually works!

D French

(Mariner) #2

Confirm this! Update the documentation, please!

(David Maze) #3

Honestly, you’ll do just fine if you ignore Docker Cloud, get an EC2 instance, and follow the normal “install Docker on Linux” instructions. Once you have an EC2 instance it’s just like running any other remotely managed Linux server.

(But yes, there is a lot of not-so-useful documentation on the front of 90% of what you need to know is in the Get Started, Part 2: Containers tutorial; the two things it doesn’t cover well are inter-container networking and when and how to attach persistent storage. I’d love to see this cleaned up too.)

(Archimedes Trajano) #4