Does docker support an encrypted container location with ecryptfs?


I’ve moved the “/var/lib/docker directory” to my home “/home/user/dev/docker”. My /home/user is an encrypted folder with ecryptfs.

When I start the docker service it starts normally. But when I build a Dockerfile i get the following error:

error creating aufs mount to /home/user/dev/docker/aufs/mnt/ec0dddc095b53c7225d22bd6b6b3c470df4ecc1ddcc1983c735b1e001d2feb92-init: invalid argument

When I had the container directory to “/var/lib/docker” it was working. I’ve searched and in the “dmesg” output I’ve observed the following error also:

aufs test_add:263:docker[5648]: unsupported filesystem, /home/user/dev/docker/tmp/docker-aufs-base183480861 (ecryptfs)

Is there any solution for this?

Thank you!