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Does Docker Trusted Registry support subdirectories?

(Jacace) #1

Hello there,

Docker hub supports a flat structure for storing images.
At the moment only the namespace is supported:

Does Docker Trusted Registry support a hierarchical structure?
Something like:

If this is not supported how can achieve a similar structure and can I grant permissions at the subdirectory level.



(Jacace) #2

Hi everyone
Any update on this?

(Patrick Devine) #3

This isn’t currently supported in DTR. You can use orgs w/ teams to do granular permissions which I think will mostly get what you’re looking for. I’d love to hear more about your use case though and see if there is demand for a more hierarchical structure; there are some tradeoffs in complexity supporting this that we’d have to explore.

(Jacace) #4

Thanks Patrick for your reply.
We just wanted to know if it was supported.