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Does machine with with vCenter distributed port groups?

I have a newer vCenter install. We only use distributed switch and distributed port groups?

The command I’m using is something like this:
$ VCENTER_PASSWORD=secret docker-machine create --driver vmwarevsphere --vmwarevsphere-username=me --vmwarevsphere-vcenter=“mv-vcenter-server” --vmwarevsphere-datastore=“VirtualSAN” --vmwarevsphere-network=“DPG 100” dockerTestVm
Error with pre-create check: “network ‘DPG 100’ not found”

Without the --vmwarevsphere-network arg I get "Error with pre-create check: “no default network found” instead.

I’ve tried every name I can think of, but no dice. I anyone does have that working, how do I figure out what the name of my network is as seen by the docker-machine vmware-vcenter plugin?