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Does not ask for admin permission to install

(Binh Nguyen) #1

Expected behavior

Should ask for admin permission

Actual behavior

Does not ask for admin permission and exit right the way


I am running Docker for Mac on my Mac and chose to upgrade it to 1.11.2-beta-15. After downloading it does not ask for admin permission to install, instead it shows this error “You need administrator privileges on this computer to install Docker. Please login as an administrator to install the app, then you can use Docker with standard user accounts.”

I am using an admin account right now.

(Ryan J. McDonough) #2

I am seeing the thing here. My work Mac is using Centrify and ActiveDirectory but has admin right. For example, I can install VirtualBox with no problem, but the new Docker Beta simply states that I need an account with Admin rights. My personal Mac, which does not use Centrify, has no problems. Both Macs are running 10.11.5

(Binh Nguyen) #3

My Mac is using Centrify and AD also. Though I can install the old version fine.

(Darnel) #4

I can confirm same behavior.

Docker 1.11-beta11 (auto-updated to 1.11.2-beta15):

(Darnel) #5

But then same problem as newer version (Docker 1.12-beta6). Maybe something is broken in my installation as previous version doesn’t work anymore (or I didn’t remember the trick)

(Panrafal) #6

I can’t install Docker as well. I’m on admin account but every time I get the message that ‘Administrator privileges are required’ :(.
1.12.0-rc2-beta16, El Capitan 10.11.4

(Felixv) #7

Just run this from a terminal: sudo /Applications/

(Darnel) #8

Oops, I bet I’ve tried it. Works for me!

Note: runnnig with sudo ends immediately with “com.docker.docker applicationWillTerminate”, but then you can run it as regular user.

(Ryan J. McDonough) #9

Yep, that works for me as well. Of course, it would be better to have the GUI installer work with Centrify installed :slight_smile: