Does "Windows 7.1" really exist?

The ‘Installation on Windows’ for Docker Toolbox says:


Your machine must be running Windows 7.1, 8/8.1 or newer to run Docker. Windows 10 is not currently supported.

It that “Windows 7.1” a typo - should it be just “Windows 7”? My machine which is fully updated reports “Windows 7 Ultimate” and “Service Pack 1” and I’ve never heard of Windows 7.1.


Can’t we call Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 as Windows 7.1? I am a Linux guy so this is just a doubt :slight_smile:


Agreed. I’ve been running around for a day trying to find “Windows 7.1” and only wound up installing a .Net SDK. There apparently is no Windows 7.1, and this is asking for lots of confusion. Especially with Windows users.