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Downloads over HTTP stop after a small amount of time

first of all i hope I am asking the question in the right category.
I have a container with the zlepper/solder image running. Everything works fine except for one user. If he tries to download a file from the website, it starts to download but fails after a short amount of time because of a time-out. Downloads from other servers are working fine.
After some investigation we found out that the issue might be between the server and docker/container. Requests to the server directly are working as expected. Maybe it has something to do with the Dual Stack Lite connection of the user? Has anybody an idea to fix this?

This screams “broken proxy” The protocol for resuming an HTTP download is not in any way complicated(it’s just an extra header), but this is exactly the kind of thing that a broken proxy would be messing up.

I bet if you try to download a big file using wget, wait for it to fail, and then run wget -c changing http to https, it will resume just fine.