Driver vmwarevcloudair - trying connect to vCloud Director

If anybody know it is possible using driver vmwarevcloudair to connect to vCloud Director? vCloud Air practically = vCloud Director. I found this:

But when I try (simplest inquiry):

docker-machine create --driver vmwarevcloudair --vmwarevcloudair-username=LOGIN --vmwarevcloudair-password=PASSWORD --vmwarevcloudair-vdcid=https://XXX.YYY.ZZZ/cloud/org/ORGNAME --vmwarevcloudair-publicip=X.X.X.X VMNAME

I get:

Running pre-create checks…
Creating machine…
(docker01) Connecting to vCloud Air…
Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: error Authorizing: API Error: 401: Unable to Authenticate : Provided credentials are not valid.

I have exactly the same error … do you have something new ?

I exported all of this variables (reading the go project

export VCLOUD_ORG=”"
export VCLOUDAIR_VDCID=“vorg-uuid”

And I’m stucked on this error :
Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: error Authorizing: error decoding session response: XML syntax error on line 160: invalid character entity &RelayState (no semicolon)

Hope it helps and you have something better than that :wink:

Not that I have a solution, rather – I have a question – anyone get this to work? I’m just starting down this path to get docker-machine working on a new on premise vCloud Director …

Hopefully someone has figured this out? :slight_smile:

Worked well with vCloud Direct private cloud.
I made it work back in April/May 2015 via adjusting vcloud air adapter.

Do you need reference to the code?

I would love reference to the code. I got it started then had to step away and was just going back to getting this working this week! Talk about timely! :slight_smile:

I’d be also very interested in that modified adapter code. :slight_smile:

Sorry for late response are old patches.

Adapter seems to be well developed:

can you please tell me how to use your code?I have Docker on windows and i can not find the driver or the .go files anywhere to make the changes :frowning: !