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DTR and UCP Open ID problem while logging in

I am getting the following error while logging in to DTR which is connected to UCP. DTR basically tries to use the UCP for OpenID signing in:

  "errors": [
    "code": "OPENID_ERROR",
    "message": "Failed to establish openid authentication",
    "detail": "OpenID Connect Error\n\ninvalid_client\n\nunable to validate authentication JWT: JWT expires at 1474969760 - MUST be less than 5 minutes from now: %!s(int64=1474968558)"

any idea?

Are they on the same host? looks like there is a time mismatch between the UCP host and the DTR host.

Are you using something like NTP to synchronize timing on your nodes? That might help avoid the issue.

I got this working by using NTP and allowing NTP to access outside world (firewall issues). Thanks for the heads up guys

Had the same issue for clarification for others i followed this: