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DTR fontend and user administration not working

(Rendener) #1

I have installed UCP and DTR in one of our clusters in AWS, mainly to try use the free trial for DTR.

UDP works fine. I can create userrs and Organizations without issues.

DTR can authenticate against UCP: I can login with the credentials I created y UCP and I can push images to the registries (which I can create in DTR).

In DTR I cannot create users, nor organizations. When I try to do so, I alway get the message

“An account with the same name already exists.”

When I browse the repositories, I can see the uploaded images just for a fraction of a second, before it all goes blank. If I stop the page or if I get a screenshot, I can see that my images miss some metadata.

I have revised the “docker logs” of all the containers in the DTR node but I could not find anything significant.
I have revised the rethinkDB tables to confirm that creation and deletion of repositories was getting logged and I have updated and restarted the ubuntu 16.04 Ec2 instances.