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DTR HA Setup through UCP using HA Proxy and Cloud storage

I have Setup DDC having UCP and DTR. This wroks fine. I am trying to setup DTR HA having Storage on cloud and load balance using HA Proxy. While Installing DTR on a worker, I am giving DTR external URL which is coming through HA Proxy. URL is not accessible but I see all the containers running fine on the worker Node. Getting below message …

INFO[0245] Waiting for DTR to start…
INFO[0250] Waiting for DTR to start…
INFO[0255] Waiting for DTR to start…
WARN[0260] Couldn’t confirm authentication works, but still completing installation: Failed to wait for dtr to come back up: Polling failed with 30 attempts 5s apart: error making request to openid/begin Get https://XXXXXXXX/api/v0/openid/begin: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client
INFO[0260] Installation is complete
INFO[0260] Replica ID is set to: 2cc766c95b3c
INFO[0260] You can use flag ‘–existing-replica-id 2cc766c95b3c’ when joining other replicas to your Docker Trusted Registry Cluster
[root@XXXXXXXXXX ~]# curl https://XXXXXXXXXXXXX:443
curl: (35) SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.

Any help on this, if possible any link for setting this up will help a lot