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DTR High availability not documented

(Jmenda) #1


I am interested in trying out Docker Trusted Registry for testing and if sucessfull, production deployment, so i started to read official documentation Maybe I’m missing something obvious but except from some mention of some loadbalancer I don’t see any documentation on high availability - how it works, how can it be configured, etc… Is it one shared storage (Azure, Ceph,… filesystem for testing) or has every registry instance it’s own storage? How is the loadbalancing implemented? read or write to any instance or write to one,read from any? Etc…
Can someone please provide some more details or point me to right documentation? For production deployment, these kind of details are quite important. Thanks in advance.

(Andy Rothfusz) #2


There is some minor redundancy built into Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), but it is all on one host, so it is not true HA. The load balancer is not meant to be user-configured.

Storage is just one shared storage which you can configure to any of the backends supported by Docker Distribution.

So, in summary, you configure DTR once (including storage) and that will automatically apply to both containers of the registry running on the host. It is simple round-robin loadbalancing via Nginx, where both containers may read or write.