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DTR Image Readme doesn't support CRLF or Markdown syntax

(Michael Wilde) #1

It would be really great if the README section of an image in DTR 2.x supported markdown for formatting of the README text. it would also be nice if it just supported a carriage return / line feed so we could have multiple lines. Right now it does not. Its all one big jumbled pile of text.

(Guitarfish) #2

Particularly since markdown worked in 1.x

(Michael Wilde) #3

I would buy the DTR team dinner if they’d at least support CR/LF

(Michael Wilde) #4

bump! DTR team… still holding out hope there’s a way to hack around this issue, but I suspect its at the API level.

(Michael Wilde) #5

Current DTR release does support Markdown… mostly :slight_smile: