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DTR login issue :Error response from daemon: Registration: "Forbidden username"

(Ralph Kincade) #1

I login to my DTR that I just created at on my Ubuntu from my Ubuntu docker-cs1


user@docker-cs1:~$ docker login
Username (admin):
WARNING: login credentials saved in /home/user/.dockercfg.
Login Succeeded

I pull down a busybox and can see it with “docker images”

I tag it with docker docker tag docker-cs0/mybusybox

and then confrim the tag with docker images but I see TAG is set to “latest” is this right ???

user@docker-cs1:~$ docker images

docker-cs0/mybusybox latest 8c2e06607696 4 months ago 2.433 MB

now i attempt to push this to my new DTR with

user@docker-cs1:~$ docker push docker-cs0/mybusybox
The push refers to a repository [docker-cs0/mybusybox] (len: 1)
8c2e06607696: Image push failed

Please login prior to push:

I login with my DTR login “admin”

and I get “Forbidden username”

Please login prior to push:
Username: admin
FATA[0011] Error response from daemon: Registration: "Forbidden username"

(Jeff Anderson) #2

As far as the push issue, you have to tag your images with the fully qualified domain name of the registry in order to push to that registry:

docker push

As far as the forbidden username, that’s happening because your push is going to the public hub, and admin is a username that the public hub doesn’t allow.


(Ralph Kincade) #3

perfect this is the exact steps I used

  1. “export” ( this is my DTR)

2.docker login $DOMAIN_NAME

  1. username is “admin” this can be seen in the GUI in the DTR at under 'auth"

  2. “docker run ghost” this pulls down an image from docker hub

5.ctr c to shut off ghost

  1. “docker images” to get the ghost ID 85c3e5ecdf68

7.docker tag 85c3e5ecdf68

  1. run “docker images” to ensure it is properly tagged look under
    "repository" ( not images) ti see the new tagged name “”’

  2. push the image with the command “docker push