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DTR node attach using custom ports :FATA[0000] flag provided but not defined: -replica-http-port

(Ralph Kincade) #1

I am getting this error when I attempt to use custom port mapping for the attempted attach to an existing UCP install

I am trying to attach it to the existing DTR with non standard non default ports , due to a bug? in the DTR install it cannot use the standard 80 and 443 ports .

but when I run the commands seen here
ocker run --rm -it --name ucp -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock docker/ucp join
–admin-username admin
–replica-http-port 81
–replica-https-port 444
–fingerprint 9B:4E:F8:E2:C2:85:35:31:4B:40:BC:FB:9F:0F:FE:41:D0:6D:4D:0B:CC:3C:E2:54:C4:4C:A5:90:3C:D2:56:7

I get the error
FATA[0000] flag provided but not defined: -replica-http-port

the syntax seems fine to me , however I still get this error . I have tried putting it in quotes as well