DTR Pushing Issues

I have Docker EE 18.09.1, UCP 3.1.2, DTR 2.6.2. I cannot push images to my DTR for some crazy reason. I have put in all my proxys everywhere. Has anyone else gotten this error?


I’ve seen this error before a few times. The actual cause could be not enough available disk space on the Docker node where you are doing the push or in the Docker DTR node.

Try running docker system prune --all --force on both nodes and see if that “frees” up enough space and allows you to push the image.

It is weird about disk space. I am using
Disk 80GB
I just created this swarm. It is brand new.

I have a step of 3 ucp, 3 dtr, 2 proxys, and 2 workers. All the same setup

Here’s a couple of links that you might find useful too.

This might be a problem also. My DNS and IP address is showing up here. How can I get rid of the IP address?

Going to try this out https://success.docker.com/article/multiple-dtrs-shown-on-ucp-22-when-only-one-or-none-exists