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DTR Replicas failing on overlay network test


(John Harris) #1

I’m trying to add DTR replicas and it’s failing on the dtr-ol overlay networking test. Errors:

FATA[0009] Overlay networking doesn't seem to be working correctly. Make sure you can create overlay networks in UCP and your firewall allows UDP traffic between UCP nodes. Reason: Failed to ping dtr-ol-test-2f6752edf0 from dtr-ol-test-b3168da599: exit code 1
FATA[0034] Failed to execute phase2: Problem running container 'dtr-phase2' from image 'docker/dtr:2.3.3': non-zero return code returned from docker/dtr:2.3.3 : 1

Sure enough, I can’t ping between containers (by container name or ip) when I exec into them, however that network exists (and I can create other overlays). Also it appears that both containers are connected to it (by inspecting them on each host).

All UDP and TCP traffic is open (both in the same SG in AWS).

Any ideas?

(Patrick Devine) #2

Hey John,

What version of the Docker engine are you using? Can you restart the engine on both nodes?

(John Harris) #3

17.06.1-ee-2, will try restarting engine.

(Patrick Devine) #5

Hey John,

Did you manage to get things to work?

(Dockerfda) #6

Hi johnharris85, Did you find the solution for the issue you mentioned above? we are having the same issue in our environment. Please share ideas.Thanks

(John Harris) #7

@pdevine @dockerfda AWS networking issues. Reviewed SG groups again and got it working. Would suggest doing a lot of networking debugging to find if the nodes can actually communicate.

(Dockerfda) #8

thanks for the immediate reply