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DTR Restore and Install Failing with No Such Node

(Skiermatt2) #1

I’m trying to restore DTR from a backup, and seeing a failure as follows:

INFO[0023] The UCP cluster contains the following nodes: b2d-dockerdc06, b2d-dockerdc01, b2d-dockerdc02, ddc03, 
b2d-dockerdc05, b2d-dockerdc04 
ucp-node: Choose a UCP Node [b2d-dockerdc06]: 
FATA[0025] Failed to setup node port constraints: couldn't inspect node 0grocsmwrfobytw05z3ol8lkw: Error: No such 
node: 0grocsmwrfobytw05z3ol8lkw 

That particular node has been removed from the swarm, but is still showing up during DTR install somehow. The behavior persists regardless of which node I pick. Is there cached data somewhere I need to clean up?

(Patrick Devine) #2

Hey skiermatt2,

Not sure if you managed to get this fixed or not. The problem happens when you have a task assigned on a node that you’ve removed. If you remove the service / add it back again it, I believe it should work.