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DTR S3 x509: certificate signed by unknown authority for self signed ECS Certificat

(Meslienm) #1

Hello all,
I’am facing to an issue.

Issue type : x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
Os : Redhat 7.5/ docker-ee-17.06.2/dtr 2.5.2
Steps to reproduce : trying to connect to a self signed emc ECS in s3 mode.

when I enter all the information for connecting to the S3 , in the docker/dtr-api:2.5.2 when I make a docker container logs, i’am found this error :

{“error”:“s3aws: RequestError: send request failed\ncaused by: Put https://serveur_ecs_name:9021/docker/31989e7a-787b-4579-af49-25bcf842ff62: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“Failed to update registry config”,“time”:“2018-07-31T14:14:14.44670682Z”}.
In fact this error is normal because it’s self signed certificate.
I’am using this [
It working for local unix command, but not for the DTR.
How can you add a certificate for the docker DTR