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DTR UI - Errors not displaying - new repo

If a user specifies a bad repository name when creating it via the DTR UI which results in an error from the API call, nothing is displayed to the user.

  • invalid repository names when creating a repository - click save and returned to list of repositories, but no error message if the name is invalid
    • e.g. try creating a repository with name bad/name or BADname
    • the user is returned to the list of repositories for that organization with no error message
    • the actual POST to the DTR API results in a HTTP 400 - Bad Request response

Additionally, where errors are displayed, many of our users find that the error message does not stay visible for long enough before fading away. Suggestion is that for Error/warning (as distinct from informational) messages, that the message remain visible until explicitly dismissed by the user.

  • WBQ

Thanks for the feedback. I filed an issue for this to clean up the UI.