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DTR Upgrade from 1.4.3 to 2.0.0


We are currently running DTR 1.4.3 and we want to upgrade to version DTR 2.2.0. We have installed DTR 2.0.0 and then migrated the metadata from DTR 1.4.3 to DTR 2.0.0. We used the command below to migrate the metadata.

docker run -it --rm
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock docker/dtr:2.0.0 migrate --ucp-ca
"$(cat ucpca.crt)" --dtr-ca “$(cat dtrca.crt)” --debug
–ucp-url <UCP_ELB_DNS>
–ucp-username “<UCP_ADMIN_Username>” --ucp-password “<UCP_ADMIN_PASSWORD>”
–dtr-load-balancer <DTR_ELB_DNS>

However, we are facing some issues in DTR 2.0.0 after migrating the metadata:

  1. Some of the organizations in our DTR 1.4.3 were migrated as users in DTR 2.0.0
  2. Most of the organizations migrated in DTR 2.0.0 do not have team members
  3. Seems the users were not migrated properly. The “Users” page shows the username of the users in the format of 1000****.rim (for example: 10002849.rim, 10003114.rim). No identification who the user originally is. We can search for the users though on the search bar using their username in our DTR 1.4.3.

Does anyone encountered the same issue?