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EE license message

What is this message that I see “Product License: Unlicensed Enterprise Engine”? I am not using UCP at this time. Is the reason why?

UCP is one of the ways to add the license.
Though, afair you can use a cli command to activation your engine against a valid subscription from the docker store:
docker engine activate

I want to try Docker on Windows Server 2016. I have read by default Docker Basic EE will be available for Windows Server 2016 and cost for the same is included in Windows Server licensing cost.

  1. Is it right regarding pricing?
  2. If Yes, Then how would I get the license of Docker?
    Any Guidance in this direction is appreciated.

Oh, I see. I assumed you have an active subscription and that you would use Docker EE on Linux.
I have no experience with Docker EE on Windows Server - sorry, someone else needs to answer that.

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