Effects of removing NFS mount, which is mounted into a docker container, while leaving the docker container running

To expand on the title:

I have two hosts. Both have an NFS mount, pointing to the very same directory on the remote server.

Both hosts are running a docker container, which have this /mnt/<DIR> mounted inside the docker container.

However, this mount is not essential to the container’s main functionality. It’s mainly there to serve as a way of exporting data reports from the container, on demand.

I’m curious to know the behavior if the NFS mount is removed. And I mean more than just doing umount on the host, because then the mount remains visible inside the container. Restarting the container is required in that case, since it was not started with --priviliged.

But in my case, I don’t want to manually shut down the containers, I want them to keep running. And I wonder about the impact of removing the NFS mounts. I mean: the NFS server is physically removed and at a later point re-instated, with the same data and directories, and the mounts on the hosts re-created identically as before the removal. All the while, the docker containers keep running.

What happens in this case? Is the mount no longer recognized? Does the container react in an unpredictable way to losing the physical mount forcefully?

Is it safe? What should I look out for?