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Encoding behavior troubles in docker interactive mode

(Hugo6) #1

Hi all, I’m facing encoding troubles when running a container with the interactive option (“RUN -it xxxxx”) :

I guess the interactive console have an UTF-8 encoding and the nanoserver of my container have a Windows-1252 encoding. The difference between these two filesystem are causing the followings issues :

On Windows Server 2016 Datacenter version 1607 :

I can’t move the cursor along a command with left and right arrows and if I press the left arrow it’s erasing my command. The CTRL key is also not working.
When I press the “é” character the console print “??”.
if I write “é” in a file when I check the file it’s written “é”.
if I read a “é” in a file : I got a “?”.

From the host machine and from the container I got the same result :

PS C:\test> [System.Text.Encoding]::Default

IsSingleByte      : True
BodyName          : iso-8859-1
EncodingName      : Western European (Windows)
HeaderName        : Windows-1252
WebName           : Windows-1252
WindowsCodePage   : 1252
IsBrowserDisplay  : True
IsBrowserSave     : True
IsMailNewsDisplay : True
IsMailNewsSave    : True
EncoderFallback   : System.Text.InternalEncoderBestFitFallback
DecoderFallback   : System.Text.InternalDecoderBestFitFallback
IsReadOnly        : True
CodePage          : 1252

Maybe a solution will be to change the docker interactive console encoding or to change the filesystem of the container to UTF8 encoding ?

Thanks in advance !

(Hugo6) #2

Hi there, anybody can help ?

(Sam) #3

there seems to be a lot of discussion of the problem,
google search
docker arrow keys not working

but I don’t see a real solution