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Error connecting to docker container

Thanks for this post! Also check tvtap app

Iā€™m also having the same problem most of the people are having this bug itā€™s really annoying Please help.
Best Regards, mobdro

I run only standalone script

Docker version that issue occur is 1.11.1, build 5604cbe

I try also in docker version 1.10.3, build 20f81dd and script run properly

Your best bet here is to research how Docker works and troubleshoot it yourself. I had to reach out to our local development staff here at work because these new apps are not well supported from IBM gaming system

You have to distribute the uncovered ports by utilizing the accompanying alternatives:

  • P (capitalized) or - distribute all that will advise Docker to utilize irregular ports from your host and guide them to the uncovered compartmentā€™s ports.

  • p (bring down case) or - publish= that will advise Docker to utilize ports you physically set and guide them to the uncovered compartmentā€™s ports.

The second choice is favored on the grounds that you definitely realize which ports are mapped. In the event that you utilize the principal choice, you should call docker assess demo and check which irregular ports are being utilized from your host at the Ports segment.

Simply run the accompanying direction:


Amazing write-up. Good luck
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Thanks for the guidance its really knowledgeable discussion

Thanks for informative post. Got this error while download tvtap for the laptop through docker container. After following instructions as mention on tvtap pro download on PC I am able to watch live tv channels on PC.

very interesting informatio dear. love your website also.

Thank you for the update this thread.

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