Error 'Error occurred : dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: not supported by windows'

Hello, I am new to networking and computer design. I am currently working on a Cisco DevNet learning track in which I am using Docker and ioxclient to package an application. When I use the provided code ioxclient docker package -a somebody.iox-test:latest C:\Users\luke\desktop\work ., I am given the output text,

Currently active profile : asdf
Command Name: docker-package
Using the package descriptor file in the project dir
Validating descriptor file package.yaml with package schema definitions
Parsing descriptor file…
Found schema version 2.2
Loading schema file for version 2.2
Validating package descriptor file…
File package.yaml is valid under schema version 2.2
Generating IOx package of type docker with rootfs consisting of layers
Could not retrieve requested Docker image.
Error occurred : dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: not supported by windows

It seems that everything works until the last line. I don’t know where my error lies, I have the latest installation of both Docker and ioxclient installed. Thank you for helping.

Hi theljg. Did you resolve your issue?
I’m having the exact same one while doing the DevNet learning track.