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Error mounting while create docker manifest

Hello folks,

I need urgent help. I am currently working of a project that requires me to create a docker manifest list which i was able to create and inspect with “docker manifest inspect” but whenever i want to push to our registry, it keep showing "error mounting ss01-maxapi-identity --32@sha256:bbcadg222…

please folks, how do i push this manifest list successfully to our registry



Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.Create 2 single architecture images
2.Create a local manifest list, using docker manifest create
3. Try to push using dokcer manifest push

Most of the time, using -D I see that the tool performs each step needed to mount the other architecture image’s blobs but eventually failed on a given blob (already the same if I repeat the command).

I am example of the error I am getting is:

error mounting dav-x86_64@sha256:… to

I have the same problem here.