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Error on executing NavContainerHelper functions/commands on Docker Container from Host

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Hey guys,

I’m struggling with performing commands on my running docker instance from my host and haven’t been able to find anything that could solve my issue - been browsing here on the forums the past couple of hours while trying different things but still nothing works.
I am using NavContainerHelper to create my docker image, this works 100%. After I have created it, I want to execute a couple of commands that has to be executed in the order they are written in. It always fails on the execution of functions I loaded in from the first docker exec calling the navModelTools.ps1 script. Errors from these executions say that the called command / function does not exist.

I also tried with the ’ Export-NAVContainerObjects -containerName $CONTAINER_NAME -objectsFolder “C:\ProgramData\NavContainerHelper\Extensions$CONTAINER_NAME\my” -sqlCredential (get-credential -credential ‘admin’) -filter “” ’ command, this one will Always fail and give an error on ‘The input ContainerId 45c55ead3f2ecfb2a66bdeedca4221b1e14587cce6cbe745aee24d33a7e95392 does not exist, or the corresponding container is not running’.

So I am kinda at a loss of what to do. Below is a codesnip of the commands I execute, in same order:

New-NavContainer @params -accept_eula -containerName $CONTAINER_NAME -imageName $imageName -includeCSide -doNotExportObjectsToText -licenseFile $licenseFilePath -credential $credential

docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_NAME powershell $navModelToolsPath @params -NavIde $finSqlExePath

docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_NAME powershell -command $navModelToolsPath @params -NavIde $finSqlExePath

docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_NAME powershell -command Export-NAVApplicationObject @params -DatabaseName $databaseName -Path $objectsFile -DatabaseServer $databaseServer -Force | Out-Null

docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_NAME powershell -command Split-NAVApplicationObjectFile @params -Source $objectsFile -Destination $objectsFolder

docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_NAME powershell -command Remove-Item @params -Path $objectsFile -Force -ErrorAction Ignore

(07092018) #2

Thought I would give it a try to do a new install of the NavContainerHelper just to see if it would do anything for me. And so it did :slight_smile: Fixed: