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Error when trying to create deploy key

(Shaun Jackman) #1

I have a GitHub role account (also called a “machine user” by GitHub documentation) associated with my Docker Cloud account. I would prefer that that role account had read-only access to the GitHub repository. It used to be until last week that to configure an automated build required admin access to the GitHub repository, but automated builds required only read access. Today, I get the following error message if that GitHub account has less than admin access, either read or write access:

ERROR: Error when trying to create deploy key: github user 'LinuxbrewTestBot' could lack permissions to create deploy keys in 'Linuxbrew/linuxbrew'
ERROR: Build in 'master' (b09611d7) failed in 0:00:00

(Omer) #2

Was it solved? I have the same issue now

(Iksnae) #3

I am also seeing:
" Error when trying to create deploy key"

Any suggestions?