Error When Using 'push to hub' in Docker Desktop

In Docker Desktop, I’m trying to push an image from Laravel Sail to Docker Hub. However, when using the ‘push to hub’ option, I encounter the following error: "Get "https://sail-8.3/v2/": dialing sail-8.3:443 container via direct connection because has no HTTPS proxy: resolving host sail-8.3: lookup sail-8.3: no such host".

That sail-8.3 is not something that should be there. How did you named your image which you want to push?

You can read about tags here:

Based on the error message, I assume you used a name like this: sail-8.3/owner/repository or sail-8.3/repository so sail-8.3 became the registry. You can have only “owner” and “repository” in the tag if you want to push to Docker Hub. Or optionally you can have as registry name, but not sail-8.3. The owner is optional too. When the first part contains a dot, it becomes the registry name, otherwise the owner. And the owner has to be your username on Docker Hub if you want to push into your repository.