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Error while I followed the docker engine quickstart

(Ramwin) #1

[#45#wangx@111~]$JOB=$(docker run -d -p 4444 ubuntu:12.10 /bin/nc -l 4444)
Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 02102176ab32784ba6415b9a2d412b4042d3e3118ba4425c6349cecc5ec23905: [8] System error: exec: “/bin/nc”: stat /bin/nc: no such file or directory

The command below worked.
JOB=$(docker run -d -p 4444 ubuntu /bin/nc -l 4444)

(Ranjandas) #2

Hi @ramwin.

You have used two different docker images in your example.

JOB=$(docker run -d -p 4444 ubuntu:12.10 /bin/nc -l 4444)

This command didnt work for you because you used ubuntu:12.10 docker image and it doesnt have nc installed.

JOB=$(docker run -d -p 4444 ubuntu /bin/nc -l 4444)

In this command you used ubuntu without a tag (like 12.10) which means it will used the latest tag. And in the ubuntu:latest image there is nc pre-installed. And that being the reason for the command to work.