Error with Cryptpad, Traefik, and Matrix Docker Containers

Hi all, I’m facing two rather frustrating problems in trying to set up Cryptpad with Traefik & Matrix with Traefik on a public server. Does anyone have experience with configuring them to work together properly? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I posted about the Cryptpad with Traefik issue here:

And here I posted about the Matrix with Traefik issue:

Thank you!

so, as the container is trying to connect to its host, have you tried pinging the host from the container?

docker exec postgres_container_id ping host_ipaddress
then if that works,
docker exec postgres_container_id curl host_address:postgres_port

you may have to docker exec to install ping and curl

typically the containers do not talk to their host systems… not the docker model…

on the 1st part, docker inspect those containers and see what they export. cryptpad and traefik

I can ping the host system from inside a docker container but both curl and telnet’ing the host at 5432 results in the connection just hanging. Interestingly, I can telnet to the host at 5432 from other external networks (my home network e.g.), so I don’t think it’s some firewall issue. & if this isn’t the docker model, do you think it would overall make more sense to put postgres in its own container and try to get matrix to talk to it that way?

And what do you mean by checking what they ‘export’?

yes, put postgres in its own container…

i think one of the linked topics u posted had someone ask about ‘any other ports’ and you would use
docker inspect to see that info…

but I think I got the two mixed up, sorry

Great, I put postgres in its own container and now they are talking to each other fine. I wish I would have done that sooner, a lot of wasted time! As for Cryptpad and Traefik… I think I’m just going to use an nginx container for reverse-proxying instead. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience nor time to figure out how Traefik can work properly with Cryptpad. Thanks for your help!

glad to hear it… thanks for the feedback