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Ertagh/teamspeak3-server ServerQuery credentials missing

Hi there,

there is a bug in the repo of “ertagh/teamspeak3-server” ( but there is no chance to write him a message because the project isn’t on GitHub and I hope that he might sees this post here. After the initialzation of the container you get the message:

2020-03-21 06:57:04.007596|WARNING |VirtualServer |1  |ServerAdmin privilege key created, please use the line below
2020-03-21 06:57:04.008990|WARNING |VirtualServer |1  |token=AvwULF56dAuGH0INs6vXDBBoCaO60R4i6k5VfFed

But there should be also a log for the ServerAdmin Query password. I can’t access it without the password. And I can’t use the techniques shown on Google to reset the password because it’s ported to ARM and I can’t execute the start script of the ts3server in the container.

Please give the information about the password when initialize the server!


just stumbled upon the same issue. You have to append the following to your docker run command:


This will update the log every 30 seconds and show you the key.

Best Regards,

Hey there. Do we mean the same thing? I still just get the ServerAdmin privilege key and nothing more…
I’ve set the INTERVAL=30 as environment variable.

Sorry. You are right. The admin password is not shown. I just started using the TS3 docker image. Maybe I will have another look tonite.

Sorry for the late reply. This was actually a bug that came with the “new version” that I released some time ago. When testing, I must have overlooked that these credentials are missing. Big sorry again!
I released an update right now to address that problem. It may be just a quick fix for now, until I have a better solution, but it works.
Please pull the latest image and start from scratch (or at least remove the database). The server will enter a new initialization at first run and will show you the ServerAdmin privilege key as well as the ServerAdmin query credentials (both inside the log, not the actual log files of the server). After this the container will stop and you have to restart him. Then the server will run in “normal mode” and you are able to connect.
I’m kinda busy right now, but I hope that I can release a better and more permanent solution in 1-2 weeks.
Also, thanks for trying out my container and reporting bugs!

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