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Experiencing problems with pushes and pulls to/from the Docker Cloud

Hi, there,

I’ve been working with Docker for Windows for some months now and I was never able to push an image to either Docker Hub or Docker Cloud, it always fails with some error.
The most commons errors are “Bad MAC record” and “Failed to register layer… corrupted – crc32 mismatch”.
I have builds in some projects but they are Autobuilds from the Dockerfiles in my GitHub. Which by the way I can’t pull…

If someone is keen to try to pull it, try:

docker pull gpedro34/jenkins
docker pull gpedro34/jenkins:1.1.0

Also every once in a while I experienced problems with pulling images and discovered it was some issue with Kaspersky, so when it happened I used to disable Kaspersky to pull the images I needed or try another tag or repository. And it used to mitigate the errors…

Although it is getting a lot worse! Now I can pull almost no images, and continue to be unable to push…

I haven’t done any changes to my system that could interfere this way (to my knowledge at least, because Windows updates happened!) and I have a fast and stable internet connection…

What have I tried:

1 - Disabling Kaspersky
2 - Completely uninstalling Kaspersky and restarting
3 - Increasing Docker CPU, RAM, SWAP and images limits
4 - Launching a DinD image and passing the Docker Unix Socket so I control the Docker VM from within itself (the only way I found to control the Docker Linux VM running inside Windows 10 Hyper-V)

I have been researching this issue and only found this GitHub issue where the solution proposed is that we change the public/private registry NGINX configuration to enforce HTTPS.
Although my public registry is the Docker Cloud and I am assuming this is some issue on my side since I can’t find anyone reporting the same as me…

My questions:

1 - Am I correct to assume this is solely an issue on my end? Or is something others also experience but for me is somehow a lot worse?
2 - Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue?
3 - Where is the most suitable place for me to seek help in solving this?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.