Failed to create endpoint

hi everybody
I am trying to run a maria db on my raspberry pi4 (armv7, on Archlinux)
but on run i have an error that i do not know how to fix

docker run --detach --name mariadb-name --network sentiers-and-co linuxserver/mariadb -env MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD="PWD" -env MYSQL_DATABASE="wodpress" -env MYSQL_USER="powabanga" -env MYSQL_PASSWORD="PWD"
docker: Error response from daemon: failed to create endpoint mariadb-sentiers-and-co on network sentiers-and-co: failed to add the host (veth5957df3) <=> sandbox (veth09f281d) pair interfaces: operation not supported.

does anybody can help me to understand how to fix that :confused: ?

I removed a response from Likac87197, thinking it was spam. But maybe it was not:

May be you are using non-standard kernel. As kernel is missing modules that are required for docker to function properly!
Try using standard kernel.

A script from may help, if you’re not using a standard kernel:

Can you try with a standard kernel? It’s possible your kernel is missing modules that are required for docker to function properly; you can try running this script to see what’s missing;

(Likac87197, your post followed another response that was surely spam and was caught in review. That post used text from GitHub, and I think that yours did too. :thinking: But maybe I was too trigger happy. I removed your details from the block list, so if you’re not a bot you should be able to register again. Sorry for that then!)