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Failed to install UCP 0.6 beta

(Tangjinge) #1

I try to install UCP in a VM (cenos7, kernel 4.3.3), bu got a failure message as below:
DEBU[0027] CSR Generated for “kv” with hostnames [localhost.localdomain]
DEBU[0030] CSR Generated for “controller” with hostnames [localhost.localdomain]
DEBU[0032] Writing out CA configuration /var/lib/docker/ucp/ucp_root_ca/config.json
INFO[0032] Generating UCP Root CA
DEBU[0033] Writing /var/lib/docker/ucp/ucp_root_ca/key.pem
DEBU[0033] CSR Generated for “ucp” with hostnames [localhost.localdomain]
DEBU[0034] Writing /var/lib/docker/ucp/ucp_server_certs/ca.pem
INFO[0034] Deploying UCP Containers
DEBU[0034] Starting KV container
DEBU[0035] Internal KV started at etcd://
DEBU[0035] Starting docker proxy
DEBU[0035] Proxy started on
DEBU[0035] Checking for liveness of
ERRO[0095] We were unable to communicate with proxy we just started at address If this address is incorrect, re-run the install using the ‘–host-address’ option. Run “docker logs ucp-proxy” for more details from the proxy
FATA[0095] Unable to connect to system

(Ralph Kincade) #2

hey I just installed this for the first time s on ubuntu , can you list your command history here ?

what instructions did you use?

(Tangjinge) #3

thanks, the command is:
$docker run --rm -it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --name ucp dockerorca/ucp install -i --fresh-install --host-address

(Artworkad) #4

Same problem here. I want to install ucp in a docker-machine node but get this error.

(Romeo1978) #5

yes, I have switched to ubuntu 14.04 for installation, it is ok. I guess this version has some issue in CentOS.