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FEATURE: Deploy services to new nodes

( (Charlie)) #1


When a new node is started and registered with tag: x, the services which run on any node with tag: x do not automatically start on the new node.

Instead you have to do a redeploy of your service/stack.


(Borja Burgos) #2

I haven’t been able to reproduce this. When a service has a deployment strategy of “every node”, a new container is automatically provisioned to new nodes that match its deployment constraints criteria (through tags).

Can you please provide more information on how to reproduce this or what exactly the feature request is? Thank you.

( (Charlie)) #3

Thanks for the reply @borja. Did you test it w/ BYO nodes?

When I discussed it w/ alberto he said that it was due to BYO nodes not being able to be deployed w/ tags. Instead you add tags after the deployment. And thus the system does not pick up the new node and start services on it.

How our nodes start:


(Will Stern) #4

I did encounter a node-tag quirk once:

  • I removed a node tag
  • Redeployed a service with an instance on that node
  • The the instance remained on the node it no longer matched
  • I manually terminated the instance on the node and re-scaled back up
  • All instances were on correct nodes

(Borja Burgos) #5

Thanks Charlie, Will. We’re looking into the feasibility of doing this with our existing scheduler or if it would be better to postpone this improvement until we have native support and integration with Docker Swarm. Will post here when I have an update.

( (Charlie)) #6

Thanks @borja - would also love the CLI re-written in Go! (happy to help if open-sourced)