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[FEATURE REQ] Search Bar (search for service/container)

(Didstopia) #1

A simple, inline search bar would be amazing. It could either be added to all pages, or just to the Stacks and Services pages.

I have several dozen services running, with quite similar names, so sorting through those each time takes a crazy long time, considering how many times I have to do it per day.

I wanted to make my voice heard, since search is something that I know is simple enough to implement.

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(Paalmoest) #2

+1 Something like has on files. Hit the T-button and search every service,container, repo or stack would be awesome.

(Borja Burgos) #3

Search and filters are coming :thumbsup:

(Iteamnetworkdc) #4

+1 Yes, this is much needed! Also, creating your own filters/groups and adding services together like “Development”, “Production”, etc.

(Stephen Pope) #5

Agreed, this has become extremely critical, along with Team management. In a interesting way, the new UI made search even more critical because you can’t see as many services on one page, limiting usage of control f find in the browser. In many ways the old UI was more functional than the new one. I often just switch back. Hope this is helpful.